About Us

Our primary goal is to build relationships. If you hired us to unclog a bathtub drain, we hope you’ll keep us in mind when you need kitchen tile installed. Customer satisfaction is paramount.

We define ourselves by our capabilities, what we do – plumbing, carpentry, flooring, electrical, painting – with efficiency, integrity, and professionalism. The one thing we don’t do is free estimates.

Why we don’t do “free” estimates:

At Ava’s Handymen, we don’t do free estimates because, quite simply, there is no such thing as a free estimate. When a contractor advertises free estimates, the customer makes up for the cost of the supposedly free service call in other ways. It’s often added as a buffer, or into the hours billed for actual work performed. Contractors may advertise it as free, but you’ll be paying for it in one way or another.

That’s why we simply charge $25 for each service call and $69 per hour for handyman services rendered. We like our customers to see everything for which they are billed. Nothing is hidden. Nothing is “free.” But everything is fair and accounted for.

We aim to differentiate our handyman services from others in Pittsburgh by our breadth of capabilities, our fair prices, and our three-pronged approach to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Efficiency: We bill by the hour, so we make sure that every minute is spent working. Our handymen do not add time. Our handymen generally use modern GPS units to track their time and location to ensure that each job is completed in a timely, efficient manner. And if you ever have questions about the time spent on handyman services, we can typically provide a GPS tracking report.

Padding hours is the way to make a quick buck. That’s not what we want. Ava’s Handymen is about long-term relationships, and that means never over-billing our customers.

Integrity: In addition to accurately reporting hours, we are also committed to honesty and transparency when billing for materials. We do not mark up the cost of supplies on your bill. Instead, we provide an itemized list of all the materials purchased and the price that the handyman paid for them. We do not purchase unnecessary items, nor do we charge a fee for their procurement. Like the GPS reports, receipts for non-inventory, job-specific items are readily available should there be any questions.

Professionalism: Our handymen are reliable professionals whom we have carefully vetted prior to hiring. We run criminal background checks on every prospective employee, so you can be completely comfortable welcoming one of Ava’s Handymen into your home. You’ll know our handymen when they arrive at your home in a clearly marked Ava’s Handymen truck and in their Ava’s Handymen uniforms.

Please take a look at some of the relationships we have built already, by viewing the TESTIMONIALS from our satisfied customers.

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